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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dad is scheduled to be discharged today. The latest lab reports are in, and his protein levels have continued to decline, though at a slower rate. Dr. Stadtmauer plans to see Dad again in three weeks, with the expectation that he'll be starting him on a less aggressive oral chemotherapy regimen, basically as maintenance dose to try and preserve the gains Dad's made.

Dad has been coping with various side effects for the past couple of days, but we're grateful that he's been spared some of the worst effects associated with this hardcore chemo, i.e. mouth sores, vomiting, and the like. Nurses from Penn will be visiting him at home this week to take blood and administer transfusions if necessary. His blood cell counts too have been much better than during the initial rounds of this chemo.

Thank you all for persevering in prayer for Dad. We thank God for answering those prayers so mercifully over the past few months.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Begin the Beguine

We're just about dancing. Dad finally got a room at 7 last night, but unfortunately the doctor who would have ordered the chemo had gone home by then, so no drugs until today. The chemo recipe was sent to the lab by Dr Tsai at about 10:30 this morn, so hopefully the stuff'll be hooked up and dripping by mid-afternoon.

Dad has been feeling better the last couple of days--his birthday, by the way, was Monday--so perhaps the delay was for the best, allowing his condition to improve a little before he would be subject to more chemo. Thanks for your continued prayers and concern.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Heard from Mom last night. Dad was scheduled to start the last round of this course of chemo yesterday, but he was told not to come in until he got a call from Penn informing him that they had a bed for him. The call never came, except, late in the day, to tell them that there was no room in the inn. Yet to hear the word for today, but please pray that Dad would get a bed. We'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Latest

Please continue to pray for Dad as he prepares to go in for the last dose of this chemo next week. He has been feeling good overall, but is noticing the cumulative effect of all these chemicals on his body. His skin in particular has been painfully sensitive, and he's been subject to those chills again.

Mom and Dad got the word from Dr. Stadtmauer last week that he wants to proceed with another chemo course immediately following this one. This was somewhat discouraging for them, because they had been hoping that Dad would have a break from treatment, given how well this one has gone. But S-mauer said that because the cancer is now evidently at an advanced, aggressive stage, it is best to keep it back on its heels with continued chemo.

More updates to come. I'm still holding out hope that the old dinosaurs will get up on this thing and give you a firsthand report, so stay tuned. Maybe you can pray for that miracle, too.